Epiphany Series 2020

Preparing: Vesting/Kairos/Proskomide - Father Michael

Gathering: Liturgy of the World/Catechumens – Seminarian Thomas Miller

Offering: Liturgy of the Faithful to the Anaphora – Stratos Mandalakis

Receiving: Liturgy of the Faithful through dismissal – Nicholas Nagorny

Eucharist 2019

Repentance and the Eucharist - Father Joseph

Worship/Prayer and the Eucharist – Father Michael

Varied Texts and the Eucharist – Nicholas Nagorny

Presanctified Gifts: An alternitive for the Eucharist – Stratos Mandalakis

Epiphany Series 2017

What Makes a Saint - Father Joseph

The Life of a Married Saint – Stratos Mandalakis

The Life of a Monastic Saint – Nicholas Nagorny

St. Joseph of Damascus – Father Michael

November Series 2015

Lecture 1 - The Apostolic Mission of the Church

Lecture 2 - Governance of the Church

Lecture 3 - The Missions of the Church


Making of St Anthony

Antiochian Virtual Convention 2021

December 22 2019

Consecration-Lamp Unto My Feet

Easter-Lamp Unto My Feet