Coffee Hour

Cake, rolls, bagels, etc. for approximately 200 people.
Please supply church school with one dozen bagels (cut into for pieces) and juice for 40 students. Fruit Juice can be any kind except grape or cherry. Apple is always/often a good choice. One platter of whatever is being served for the teachers. Please take this across the hall to the Multi-Purpose Room/Sunday School.
Cookies and juice in the hall for smaller children.
1 1/2 gallons of milk.

Items provided by the Church
Coffee, Tea, Instant Coffee, Brewed Decaf, Sugar, Sweet&Low, Paper goods, Plastic ware.
Church Stewards will help with making the coffee.

Coffee Hour Clean up
1. All tables in hall should be cleaned :: remove coffee cups, napkins, etc
2. Coffee urns should be emptied and cleaned
3. Return to storage unused coffee cups, napkins, etc
4. Wash and put away platters, pitchers, etc., that have been used
5. Clean kitchen counters and sink of crumbs and food
6. Left over cake, bread, rolls, etc., can either be taken home or wrapped and put into the freezer for use on another Sunday