Joan Allen Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the Joan Allen Memorial Scholarship is to encourage education on the collegiate or post-high school level.It will specifically provide financial support for members of St. Anthony Orthodox Church, Bergenfield, New Jersey, who desire to pursue academic or vocational studies. The scholarship is intended to help defray freshman year expenses and may be used for an accredited academic, technical or vocational institution that offers either a two year or four year curriculum.

Scholarships shall be awarded to student members of St. Anthony's Orthodox Church, Bergenfield, New Jersey, whose families are in “good standing” with St. Anthony Parish, i.e. they take part in the sacramental life of the church as well as meeting the monetary obligations (with pastoral discretion a possibility).
If no applications are received from entering college freshmen, or if there are funds in excess of the amount allocated for the coming year for scholarship, a scholarship may be awarded to students already in attendance at an accredited institution at the discretion of the trustees. Under any circumstances, the scholarship may be awarded only once to anyone student.
In the event a family transfers to and becomes a member of St. Anthony Orthodox Church, the following condition is required if a graduating senior from that family would like to apply for the Joan Allen Memorial Scholarship.The applicant must have been a member “in good standing” in a canonical Orthodox parish for no less than 3 years and, in particular, a member of St. Anthony Orthodox Church for no less than a year.

Applicants will be considered from all qualified persons who have completed all sections of the online form. The scholarship committee will use the following criteria for selection: participation in the liturgical and social life of the parish, contributions to parish life, participation in civic activities and community service, and other projects, scholarship, extracurricular school activities, and financial need. These items will be weighted at the discretion of the scholarship trustees.

All applications must be received for evaluation BY THE STATED DUE DATE of the applicant's senior year, last year in high school, or, if not currently a student, of the year in which he desires to be considered for admission to an institution of higher education.All applications must be accompanied by an official school transcript (notarized) or the application will not be considered.

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